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Thursday, June 18, 2009

So much "play" but no sessions? Hmmmm..... Over the past few years I have become very selective with my play. Maybe I am becoming more of a "lifestyle" Dom? I have played with 100's of men in the past 6 years, and that leaves me being VERY picky with my playmates, I have a LOT to offer a sub: Experience, Skill, Youth, etc.

I only want to play with sub's on MY terms, with MY INTERESTS. I have grown up, I am a master at my craft of domination, I play out of WANT, not need. I am extremely selective now... I do hold a place in my heart for some of the subs that served during my junior Dom years, but I am a full fledged BITCH DOM NOW. LOL I want subs that PLAY HARD, SUBMIT hard, take a beating, bleed for me, go to the most fuck up places in their head they can to make me happy. I am not a easy woman to please, but life is still good being my BITCH :)


At 4:19 PM, Blogger Submissive Jonathan said...

I wish I could be your bitch Goddess Lexi. I wish I lived near to you so I could grovel and beg you for the priviledge of being your obedient worshipper and plaything.


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